Raydar helps growing organizations in the AI, Blockchain, and Emerging technology realms acquire 10x talent.

Hiring is known to be a critically important pillar in building a business, yet it is still underrated. There are quite literally a million ways hiring the perfect candidate can go side ways. We are expert snipers that produce the top 1 percent and carefully ensure things go smooth start to finish. If you are looking for the difference makers who will bring lasting change to your company, you are in the right place.

Our Focus

Mid-Level Hires

Senior-Level Hires

Executive-Level Hires

Mid-Level Hires

Senior-Level Hires

Executive-Level Hires

What to expect

1 - Consultation

Our first step is to have an initial 15 minute consultation with you to see if it makes sense to work together. We will learn more about your org, discuss your pain points in relation to hiring, and overall get an idea of where you stand. We will also give you all the details about ourselves and working with us.

2 - Discovery Call

After we have both decided it makes sense to move forward and have the search agreement executed, we will move forward with a 45 minute Discovery Call. We will ask just about every question possible about the open roles we will be working on so we don't bug you throughout the process :)

3 - Sourcing Talent

Based on the information gathered during the discovery call, we will start the search for potential candidates. Our team of experts will use a variety of recruiting methods to find the best candidates for the role.

4 - Screenings

Once we have a pool of potential candidates, we will screen them to ensure that they meet the requirements of the job. This includes conducting phone and video interviews, checking references, and verifying qualifications.

5 - Presentation

After the screening process, we will present a shortlist of the most qualified candidates to our clients. We will provide detailed information about each candidate, including their qualifications, experience, and references.

6 - Interviews

After each interview we will debrief with you and the candidates making sure things are moving forward in the right way and everyone is on the same page.

7 - Negotiations

After the interviews, we will follow up with both you and the candidates to gather feedback and provide any necessary support. If an offer is made, we will assist with salary negotiations and ensure that both parties are satisfied with the terms.

8 - Onboarding

Once a candidate is selected and an offer is accepted, we will assist with the onboarding process. This includes preparing the necessary paperwork, arranging for training, and ensuring a smooth transition for the new hire.

9 - Post Hire

Our work doesn't end after the candidate is hired. We will stay in touch with both you and the new hires to ensure that everything is going well and to provide any additional support needed.

A usual hiring cycle with metawork takes approximately four weeks.


Companies that hire at least one candidate within the first 45 days of contact.


Companies that we have assisted in landing a lasting hire at their organization.


Talented individuals in our network globally that are open to new opportunities.

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