Raydar helps growing organizations acquire 10x talent.

Hiring is generally acknowledged as a business critical pillar, yet it often falls short to other priorities. Without total and utter precision, there are endless ways hiring your perfect candidate can go sideways through the hiring lifecycle, from sourcing, all throughout retention. If you are looking for true difference makers who maximize your competitiveness, locate top 1% talent, and create lasting positive change to your company, you’re in the right place.

Our Focus

Mid-Level Hires

Senior-Level Hires

Executive-Level Hires

Mid-Level Hires

Senior-Level Hires

Executive-Level Hires

What to expect

1 - Inception

The Raydar team offers a hands-on, consultative approach that allows us to assist even before your role is fully conceptualized. To shape your opportunity as the premier choice for top talent, our specialists delve into your pain points to define the role's qualifications and responsibilities, ensuring alignment with your needs. We share market trends, compensation data analytics, and the current talent landscape for your target profile. Additionally, we provide insights on how your competitors attract talent, giving you a competitive edge. Finally, we craft tailored job descriptions and map out comprehensive interview processes.

2 - Process

There are countless ways a hiring process can go south, so we’re here to eliminate obstacles. Once a search is kicked off, we identify top-tier candidates with exceptional backgrounds and rigorously vet qualified candidates, leaving no stone unturned. We present resumes with in-depth insights: are they interviewing elsewhere? Are they not looking? What are their priorities? We facilitate and manage interview scheduling and conduct diligent debriefs with candidates, fostering smooth communication and expectation management. Throughout the process, we keep you informed of any candidate hesitations or reservations, providing proactive solutions. We assist in the negotiation process to ensure a smooth close, maintaining our industry-leading offer-to-acceptance ratio.

3 - Retention

An accepted offer means little if the candidate doesn’t last. Once an offer letter is signed, we thoroughly prepare candidates to handle resignation confidently and professionally. We streamline onboarding by preparing paperwork, arranging trainings, and ensuring a smooth transition for both sides. Post-hire, we conduct regular check-ins with both parties for months to ensure it’s the mutual fit we anticipated. Additionally, we guarantee a replacement in the rare event that things don’t work out.

A usual hiring cycle with Raydar takes approximately four weeks.


Companies that hire at least one candidate within the first 45 days of contact.


Companies that we have assisted in landing a lasting hire at their organization.


Talented individuals in our network globally that are open to new opportunities.

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